The Supreme Court said that you can file a case online

Delhi: Order of supreme court: this decision was stuck for a long time, let’s pay attention to Kovid-19, finally the facility of filing the online petition has been started, now online petition can be filed from anywhere across the country. Under the leadership of Chief Justice of the country Justice SA Bobde, litigants and lawyers can file electronic petitions 24 hours a day, there will also be a facility to submit fees online, in this digital signature will also be used, this launch will be expanded all over India

Chief Justice SA Bobde said that we have to accept the present situation and change our mindset and make a new beginning. He said that in the future it will also be used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) if Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in the Ayodhya case. Had it been done, it would not have been so late, the decision would have come soon, such cases would also be heard, he said, this law has been made for the convenience of the public

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