Everyone’s mobile number will change

MOBILE PHONE 10 numbers will be in coming days MOBILE PHONE 11 numbers

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India recommends shifting from 10 digit numbering to 11 digit numbering, this change will lead to a capacity of 10 billion numbers in the country – which is recommended to be changed from 10 digits to 11 digit mobile numbers for calling a mobile from fixed-line Those who have to put 0, in the recommendation, he presented a proposal with many suggestions, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, whose name is TRI, given the need of the public and cellular companies, gives a proposal to the government.

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Which is called TRI, such a time-time But the numbers of phones will keep on increasing because according to which the population will increase, the numbers will also have to increase, RTI has recommended in its numbering plan that it will be mandatory to put 0 in front of mobile phone numbers, the way you call people outside the city.

If you use 0 to do, in the same way, it will be mandatory to put 0 even after living in your city, like this and moreThe product uses a SIM, which is called a dongle, is used in online swipe machines, is used in various types of devices, which also have 10 numbers. RTI in its proposal has recommended doing 13 numbers instead of 10 numbers.

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