How to bring organic traffic to your blog

Getting some good traffic to your blog is not really that easy; however, it is certainly possible. Organic traffic is something that would help your blog or business get the best and most targeted traffic and is thus recommended for your blog. In this article, we would cover ways through which you can get traffic from various search engines organically, i.e. quite naturally

There is not just one way through which you can get traffic to your blog. They are many. One of the best audiences you can get to your blog is through organic search results. Organic search results mean that those people who could become your prospective client or customers are reaching your website. When you blog, you have more options for CPC Adsense ads. Direct advertisers often look for blogs that get traffic to their website naturally.

How to bring traffic in your site
How to bring traffic in your site

Make your blog easily assessable by Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization if often termed as SEO. It means that you make build and customize your website in a way that it is more searchable on the search engines. While there are many aspects of SEO, some of them are Site SEO, off page SEO, On page SEO, etc.

One of the recommended places to start on for your blog is on-site SEO. You need to ensure that your blog is not only crawlable by Google bots but also indexable in all ways. When you are looking for generating traffic on your website, both quality articles and SEO go hand in hand. Just one can’t suffice to bring organic traffic to your blog.

To get your blog optimized for search engines, you need to take care of tags, Titles, URLs, broken links, descriptions, etc. along with many other aspects that you would come to know when you get more into search engine optimization details.

Post content that is understandable to search engines

Content is in fact the most valuable part of a blog. That is one of the major factors that draws organic traffic to your blog. If you know what your target audience is seeking for, you would develop content that is relevant to your target audience. If you are not sure about what is your target audience or what they are looking for, you would end up posting content that would not attract better traffic, no matter how much your work and spend on SEO.

For example, if you are into selling science books, you should fill your blog with content related to science and every aspect of it. The homework is quite simple. If you know what your target audience may want to search for or what your target audience would not get on any other website that they are looking for, you may surely develop a content that would bring organic traffic to your blog.

SEO optimized content can be created by knowing the target keywords and thereafter promoting those keywords into search engines, thus calling for decent and appreciable traffic to your blog.

Link Building – Important as a trust vote for your blog

Link building is an exercise that you have to do while you are optimizing your blog for the search engines. Search engines favor like that contain quality and repulse irrelevant links. This is one reason why your blog should be relevant links in it. If you have to connect your blog to other blogs or websites, they should be related to your blog, content, and target audience. They could be any, like reciprocal links, outbound links, or backlinks.

There are people who are caught in the trap of buying backlinks for improving their blog’s performance on search engines. You should avoid it. Search engines like Google have started a feature in which websites using spam backlinks would be flagged in the first place, which could not be good for your blog.

Post content regularly to maintain a healthy and continuous readership

We come across bloggers who would post 10 articles in a week and then just disappear for months. As a matter of fact, no matter how good your content is, if you are not posting regularly to your blog, you may lose readers to your site and that may hinder the organic traffic to your blog. To get the best results in terms of traffic for your blog, you should keep posting content regularly in a planned manner. At the same time, posting regularly does not even mean that you post irrelevant posts vis-à-vis your niche.

Create options for Subscriptions

If you have been getting good traffic on your blog, it’s certainly great news. However, if all of your visitors are just one-time visitors, it is certainly not a good picture for your blog. If you can somehow create content and options on your website that would bind your audience to your blog, nothing could be better than this.

To get visitors tied up to your website, you can create ‘Subscribe’ feature through which your visitors can subscribe to your website and you keep notifying them automatically whenever a new post or comment is posted of their relevance. In fact, regular visitors are the ones who increase your blog’s and article’s visibility on social media, which is one of the biggest source of organic traffic these days.

The Magic of Social Media

When we talk about organic traffic, there could be no better term than social media. It is that place, where you don’t even know how much traffic can be created for your blogs. Social media is completely organic.

The only thing that you need to take care of while promoting your website on social media is that you should use promotions and pictures which are niche and relevant to your target audience. You should gauge and requirements and sentiments of your target audience and then sky would be the limit for your blog.

Last but not the least, not just one of the aspects discussed or not discussed above would be sufficient to get good traffic for your blog. Things should work simultaneously and in totality. If you know your customers, your product, and what you have to promote, the success of your blog would depend on the right planning and timely execution.

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