Smartphone batteries are producing more than 100 types of toxic gases

Smartphones have been one of the most important aspects of our daily life. We need our smartphones every moment. Starting from calling our near and dear ones to checking bank balances, paying household bills and everything can be done through a smartphone.

Smartphone batteries are producing more than 100 types of toxic gases

Smartphones are really useful in our lives and they cannot be just denied. But, at the same time, we have been warned about the ill aspects of smartphones. We already know that staying near smartphones makes us exposed to radioactive emissions for a long period. And this has been the possible reason of cancer among so many individuals. That being said, we are also aware of the ill effects of vibration in smartphones.

The adverse effect of smartphones

But this article is not about what we knew already. This article will tell you something we don’t know. Did you know that smartphone batteries pose a tremendous threat to nature? Yes, the batteries, these batteries are releasing 100 types of toxic gases in nature.

And since we are in the closest proximity to our smartphones, it is we who are more prone to inhaling such gases. One more problem gets added with smartphones. It has been identified by a team of scientists that Lithium-ion batteries release toxic gases, which include carbon monoxide. These toxic gases cause strong irritation in the eyes, skin, and nasal passages.

The overheating issues

According to the reports, a huge number of people are not aware of the overheating issues, the damage caused due to disreputable chargers, and much more. At present, the whole world is promoting Lithium-Ion batteries. Even government organizations are a part of it.

Since these batteries are used by innumerable people, it is really important they understand the consequences of them. With the number of an explosion of electronic devices increasing day by day, the manufacturers have recalled a lot of gadgets.

Dell recalled four million laptops in 2006. And there is nothing new with the Samsung galaxy note too. Till now, the exact threats and reactions of the toxic gases from smartphone batteries are not properly understood.

Factors to consider regarding the toxic gases

But there are so many more factors to consider. The increment in the toxic gas emission can increase when the phone battery is fully charged. According to scientists, when a phone’s battery is fully charged it emits more toxic gases than a phone battery which is 50% charged. The chemicals present in the batteries and the capacity to release toxic materials depend on the charge of the phone.

The chemicals also determine the toxicity of the gases. The most dangerous gas, carbon monoxide has the capacity to cause serious damage if the gas is released on concealed circumstances like the inside of a car or trains.

A real time experiment

In an experiment, more than 20,000 Li-ion batteries were heated to the point of combustion. And when the devices exploded, there was the emission of toxic gases. The researchers are now planning to format a detection technique so that this type of emission can be identified and prevented.

These Li-ion batteries are also used for powering vehicles. So these need to be manufactured safely. Now the scientists are definitely going to make sure to check the emission of toxic gases in the environment. But at the same time, the mobile manufacturing companies have a full responsibility regarding the safety of the individuals using their products.

This is why they need to come up with an alternative solution for the Li-ion batteries. Care needs to be taken that the alternatives are non-lethal and nontoxic as the Li-ion batteries.

Relation with overheating issue and explosion

We are living in the world of immense technological advancement. And yet we do not fully know what exact threats these batteries could pose to us. To date, only a few speculations are being made.

But with the explosion of different mobile and electronic gadgets, scientists are holding batteries solely responsible for the explosion. Over usage of a device cause the batteries to get heated, which in turn heats up the motherboard of the device.

A tabular overview

SL NOFacts to knowBrief details
1.Battery typeLi-Ion
2.Highly likely devicesSamsung mobiles and tab
3.Threshold temperature50 degrees
4.Toxic materials in batteryPrimary – LeadSecondary- Sulphuric Acid, cadmium


There are two aspects to everything, if something is good, then the same thing is also bad. If the battery of the phone is good, then it is also bad, you should not worry that the battery is harmful. Always use good quality material in everything only not in the battery. I hope you understand that article and you will get more information about batteries.

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