Hair Loss Reasons You Should Know About

Hair loss reasons you should know about
Have you seen a lot of hair fall recently and are unaware of the reason? There is nothing to worry about as with very advanced technology in medical science even bald people can be cured through hair transplant surgery. But before you choose this option, let us discuss a few of very common reasons for hair fall.

Stress or Illness: If you have recently gone through some physical or emotional stress or chronic illness, it can cause sudden hair loss. Stress like a financial crisis, family problems, an accident or anything.

This sudden stress or illness can push your hair into the last phase that is being shed. But you don’t need to do anything here because your hair will start to grow again when stress or illness is over.

Pregnancy for women: You may experience a small amount of hair loss at your pregnancy stage, but after giving birth to your baby you may experience heavy hair loss. But you don’t need to do anything here. Your hair will grow in a few months.

Vitamin A: Anything that is consumed in excess is harmful and is the same applied with Vitamin A. If you take regular doses of Vitamin A more than your body requires, your body will experience hair loss.

To avoid this, stop consumption of Vitamin A
Protein Deficiency: If you do not consume the proper amount of protein then after two to three months of regular protein deficiency, you will experience medium to heavy hair fall. Hair fall due to protein deficiency can be restored by including sources of protein in your diet.

Hair loss reason
Hair loss reason

Hormonal Imbalance Due to Medication: It happens when you are taking any supplement or medication to stimulate or restore hormones, for example treating infertility. This hormonal change in your body also causes hair loss.

If you are taking any medication or supplement that causes hormonal imbalance, talk to your doctor right away and ask him or her to change the supplement or medication, which will solve your hair loss problem.

Anemia Deficiency

Iron deficiency in the body can cause hair loss; Other symptoms of anemia include pale skin, cold feet, and hands, fatigue, headaches. Your doctor will examine the blood to confirm and resolve any such problems and will provide your iron supplements for oral intake.

Vitamin B Deficiency

Lack of vitamin B in the body can also cause hair loss problems. To solve it, you need to add supplements and a diet that is full of vitamin B. You can get Vitamin B from whole grains, nuts/almonds, eggs/chickens, etc.

Sudden Weight loss: If you’ve recently joined some weight loss programs and managed to lose weight very quickly, congratulations on your weight loss, But sudden weight loss is a physical shock to your body that can cause heavy hair loss.

To resolve any such problems, it is advisable to ask your instructor to make a diet plan that is rich in protein and can meet its deficiency, though your body will take almost six months to restore it normally.
These are the common hair loss reasons you should know about.

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