New Zealand PM says, “We’ve won the battle against COVID-19”

Coronavirus continues to wreak its havoc all over the world but New Zealand has announced the complete elimination of the coronavirus from their country. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced, “There is no community transmission in New Zealand.” We have won the war against the Coronavirus. ‘ However, despite this announcement, New Zealand is cautious about the coronavirus. Only one case came here on Monday.

New Zealand PM says, “We’ve won the battle against COVID-19”

The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, ‘Currently the virus has been eradicated. This does not mean that new cases of coronavirus will not come out. I will not jeopardize the achievements we have made regarding the health of the people of New Zealand. So we had to stay at level 3, we will stay. ‘

In the last few weeks, new cases of virus infection in New Zealand could not touch the figure of ten.

For the last 5 weeks in New Zealand, a strict lockdown for level 4 i.e. only essential services was implemented. Relaxing it on Monday, Prime Minister Ardern said that we had imposed the strictest restrictions of modern times. Now we have got success. PM Ardern said “We are going to open the economy, but we are not going to open the social life of the people.”

After the ban was lifted, four lakh more people returned to their work and 75% of the economy here has started functioning. New Zealand is testing more than 8 thousand people every day.
Only one case of coronavirus came on Monday, after that no case was found.

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